Locked Out of Your Car? Locksmitty to the Rescue

Car Locksmith

There is not much more inconvenient than getting locked out of your car. Except when your dog is locked inside the vehicle. And it is at night. And you are in a strange neighborhood.

Such a situation happened to Beth. She was making a quick visit to some elderly friends. She drove up to their house and hopped out of the car, leaving her dog inside. She went inside to say hello, and came out a short time later to go home.

Except…she had locked her keys inside the car. Panicked, she did not know what to do. She didn’t want to disturb her friends again, as they had just said they were going to bed. It was after dark, and she did not know anyone else in the neighborhood. She decided to call a locksmith, and luckily had her smart phone in her pocket. She started looking up numbers and was frustrated when she saw how many were listed. She picked a local locksmith, called the number, and waited next to the car for him to get there.

Everything went fine; the locksmith got there, and she didn’t have to wait too long. He did a good job, and she got home safely, and her friends were never the wiser.

But in looking back, Beth admits she felt anxious having to pick a locksmith from a lengthy list on her phone. She did not like waiting on someone she did not know, and not knowing anything about their credentials or if they were even legitimate.

If it ever happens again (and she sure hopes it doesn’t), she now knows to call a local locksmith through Locksmitty.com (1-855-704-lock). Their geo-targeting algorithm allows you to look for a local locksmith in the area that you are in, and they direct you to only local locksmiths who are experienced, certified, and trustworthy. They are on call 24/7 and can handle any type of vehicle lock problem. When you are locked out of your car and stressed, you need the best. Call Locksmitty for peace of mind.

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