Four Questions for Your Locksmith

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Emergencies happen all of the time, requiring the assistance of a local locksmith. Do you know the right criteria to look for when choosing the most qualified locksmith technician for the job? Hiring locksmiths can be a daunting task, to say the least, but if you have a good understanding of the locksmith business, you will quickly and efficiently find the right company to suit your needs.

There are four basic questions that you absolutely must as during the initial phone call to make sure you are choosing the right locksmith company for the job. Knowing what information to provide to your locksmith, and which questions to ask, will lead to a successful lock repair or recovery. Below are the four most important questions to ask when you need a local locksmith.

#1 – What types of locksmith services do you offer?

When you call for assistance, you should immediately ask what services are offered rather than describe the issue you are having. While they mean well, some locksmith technicians may respond with “oh yes, we can fix that” when they’ve actually never done the task that you need. This could leave you at risk of paying for shoddy work and dealing with property damages, while still needing another locksmith company.

#2 – Are your locksmiths insured? Are your replacement parts under warranty?

Not all states require that locksmiths be licensed, but every locksmith technician should carry insurance. When you call a local locksmith, they should be able to tell you if they are licensed and carry insurance. Never hire a locksmith that is not insured. Additionally, you should ask about the warranty period for improper installations and possible hardware issues. If the locksmith company doesn’t offer at least thirty days, keep looking!

#3 – Do you hold any locksmith certifications that are relevant?

As technology continues to modernize home, business and auto security, you need a locksmith that constantly educates and familiarizes himself with the industry’s many new and innovative changes. During the continuation of a locksmith’s education, more certifications and specialties will be realized, making him a highly qualified locksmith in an ever changing market.

#4 – What do you charge for your locksmith services?

While the rate your local locksmith charges says nothing about his qualifications, this is something you need to know before making an appointment or requesting emergency service. Locksmiths normally charge a set amount, depending upon your task, or an hourly rate that is merely an estimation. In addition to the cost of replacement parts and keys, the locksmith may change you for mileage, especially if you are located out of town.

You should remember to ask these four questions every time you require the assistance of a local locksmith, or avoid the trouble entirely by calling Locksmitty. has a geo-targeting algorithm that will locate the best and most highly trained locksmiths in your immediate area.

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